Life as We Knew It

Recently, I watched a movie that caused me to look more closely at my current state of existence. I could easily trace out resemblances between Nirupama, the female lead and me. I am sure most Malayali women felt the same. How Old Are You was so typical.

But wasn’t I different? The truthful answer was a big emphatic No.

Over the years, I too had gotten busy with the little things in the life of a dutiful wife, daughter-in-law and a working mother of two. Busy to the extent that I forgot to dream and more importantly, I let go of my passions. No wonder life was turning a dull shade of gray these days.

Jolted out of the reverie, I decided to make conscious efforts to find time for things that I had enjoyed and cherished not so long ago. There were many I could think of but what I wanted the most was to start writing poems again.

So despite the lack of gushing ideas and inspiration, I wrote. The first one was rather forced coming out a fountain that had gone rusty, but here it is anyway.

Life as We Knew It!
The fiery king from the east,
Still reigns our waking hours,
His pearly queen with twinkling maids
Lighting up the night sky.
Much else has changed over the years
And the life as we knew it no longer exists.

The splatter of rain drops
And the waft of fresh earth beneath,
A walk in the meadows
With a caressing breeze to play with,
Are all lost to humankind
Lost in the hurry and worry of this new life.

A smile for the child beside;
‘Hi’ to a friend or even a nod,
A helping hand,
Friendly chats 
With next-door neighbors,
Lost forever but on Facebook.

Long extinct are those black slates
On which we journeyed into the world of letters.
Unheard of and unknown to our young ones –
They that learn to text before they scribble
Using iPads and
Notebooks that have not a leaf to turn.

Expectant parents had baby names to ponder,
While now they argue about stem cells to preserve.
Coffee had to be made, light or black.
Today, it just flows out of machines.
Shopping took you out to stores – it did,
Though now you shop at your desk with a mouse!

Ask a child his mother’s maiden name
He is sure to google for an answer.
Try to file your tax returns
They’ll insist you come back tech savvy.
Use a smartphone to make a call;
Indeed, you’ve proved you are from a generation past.

Such are the changes, tiny yet drastic;
Altering lives, redefining too!
Flow with the current or be left behind –
A choice that ne’er was ours to make,
For soon we realize
Life as we knew it is no longer around.



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